Endeavour Hawks Speed Rugby Team

Speed rugby its classification and its rules make it accessible and all inclusive to any disability. The 5 player team separates it from the Para game same rules as the GBWR 5s game. The rules make it that subs are played due to equipment failures so it is not all about the dream team it’s about the squad.

Endeavour Hawks Speed Rugby Team came from veterans who were introduced to wheelchair rugby. Help for Heroes Endeavour recovery centre plymouth in conjunction with Westcountry hawks have helped to build this team. Hence the name Endeavour Hawks

Who can play Speed rugby ? Anybody with a registered disability speed rugby is all inclusive to any disabilities. At present we are looking at the veterans and serviceman’s tournament across the charities and recovery centres. Help for Heroes Endeavour challenge shield tournament is our next big tournament in 2018 Endeavour Hawks want to win this one.