It all started with some of our veterans traveling to Dorset to see a new game called the variant game. Way back the end of 2016 this game has had many names it is now none as the GBWR 5s game.

This game is a more inclusive game for disabled or mobility impaired people. 5 players very fast and furies game but also tactical in its approach to game play.

It is different from the para games 4 player game also the invictus type game of 4 players  But help for heroes have promised to include the invictus type classification and run a inter H4H  rehab center 5s competition.

Team Endeavour

Formed in 2016 by a group of veterans from the Help the Heroes Recovery Centre – Endeavour, the team had been created within the West Country Hawks to take part in and help with the creation of a variant version of the sport.


staying with our roots we have the H4H logo and Falcon in homage to the players from westcountry hawks who helped us on this path

new endeavour kit